Saturday, December 27, 2014


1.Some of my followers say "most of my recommendations are T group companies or small cap companies". So they ask me a good A group stock that full-fill all of my fundamental research criteria's. 
2. Ok, Today I tell you one stock that belong to BSE group A and a part of S&P BSE SENSEX
3. This stock is "Tata Steel Ltd" which full-fill all of fundamental research criteria which is tell you in my book. 
4. Tata Steel Ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock. 
5.Tata Steel Ltd is an Iron and steel company. 
6. Year high of Tata Steel Ltd is 578.60 and Year low 332.20 So this ratio ( Year high/low ratio) is below 2. 
7. Net selling per share of Tata steel ltd is 429.47 So stock CMP 398.15 is below net selling per share per year and target of 430+ is easily achievable in this stock. 
8. No any bulk/block deal in last 2 year. 
9. Tata Steel Ltd pay 8 to 12 rupee dividends in last some years. 
10. Promoters of Tata Steel Ltd hold 31.35% FII hold 19.03% DII hold 24.32 % stake in Tata Steel Ltd. 
11. Base price ( 3 year average price) of Tata Steel Ltd is 398.61, So stock available below face price but if any market fall Tata steel will available below 340 ( 15 % below base price) then It is a strong Buy.
12. I have no any share of Tata Steel Ltd but as usual I am also buy stocks of my research so my wife ordered 7 stocks of Tata Steel Ltd ( This is my style of investing , I am invest only small amounts  in a stock).

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Plan to Become a Registered Research Analyst

Respected Readers, 

In my earlier post I declared that I discontinue publishing of stock research reports on this blog due to SEBI regulation on research analysts. 
I am happy to see that in reply of my post I get 100’s of emails and comments from my followers. I am really felt proud to see your love and faith on me. 
Some of my followers suggest that I make a e mail list and continue sent my research reports in my mailing list but It does not satisfy my hobby of blog publishing. 
Most of my followers ask that why I am not registered myself as a research analysts, I like this idea and in line of my followers demand , Now I will apply for NISM certification which is an essential qualification for research analyst. 
After getting this NISM certification I will apply for registration as a research analyst and hope SEBI will grant the same. Some of followers also suggest that I have time of 6 months to obtain a registration and in this period of 6 month I will continue post stock research reports on this blog, Ok, thanks for your suggestions my next article will publish soon with some great stock ideas. 
I think getting a NISM certification and other preparation for apply for registration will take 15-30 days I will update my progress on this blog. 
Once again thank you all of you for your faith and love on me Regards
 Mahesh Kaushik

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sebi Restrictions about Stock Market Research Reports

Respected Readers


REGULATIONS, 2014" Which come in effect from 1 December 2014, So due to these regulation's without prior registration as a research analysts no one can post any company stock fundamentals on Internet , Print and Electronic media . 
Read these complete regulations here
So I am not a registered stock research analysts and due to compliance of "SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (RESEARCH ANALYSTS)
REGULATIONS, 2014"  from 01 December 2014 onwards all of my blogs will updated with only educational points for investor and no any company name and stock data will publish on all of my blogs (from 01 December 2014)
Mahesh Kaushik

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Companies where Promoters Increase their Stake

In my book I tell my readers that Increasing in promoters holding are very good for any listed company.
Last year  in Nov 2013 I publish a list of 29 company where promoters increase their holding.see this list here and compare price appreciation in last 1 year
Now I give you a fresh list of 27 listed company where promoters increase their holding in June 2014 to Sept 2014 and hope same price appreciation for next year

CompanySept 2014 promoters holdingJune 2014 Promoters holdingIncrease percent
Smiths & Found91.880.0191.87
Laffans Petro51.752.9148.84
Atlas Jewellery51.33.2348.07
IKF Finance90.665238.66
Networth Stock66.7731.834.97
Medinova Diag60.1429.0131.13
Shree Renuka55.4527.7227.73
Super Sales48.0922.0926
Anjani Cement754926
United Spirits58.8732.9625.91
Haria Apparels58.532.6925.81
Palred Tech46.9223.9223
Shristi Infra73.653.0320.57
Cals Refineries16.192.8113.38
Baid Leasing23.5813.1110.47
AXISCADES Engg71.1260.8310.29
Guj Sidhee Cem43.1233.379.75
SBEC Sugars63.8654.469.4
Sterling H Res55.0946.528.57
Paragon Finance50.9743.377.6
BNR Udyog70.3963.067.33
Electrosteel St45.2339.665.57
Network 1878.0872.985.1

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


1.Manugraph India Ltd is a 2 rupee face value industrial machinery company currantly traded at 35.90 
2. Base price of Manugraph India Ltd is 37.85, So if this stock available 15 % below his base price( near 32 ) then it is a best value pick. 
3. Year high of Manugraph India Ltd is 44 and year low 23.50 so this ratio is 1.87 
4. Net selling per share per year is 84.01 So we can easily get a target of 60 to 90. 
5. Manugraph India Ltd is a dividend paying company and pay 1 to 2.50 rupee dividend per year. 
6. No any bulk deal , bonus issue in last 2 year. 
7. Manugraph India Ltd was established in 1972 and Manugraph is India's largest manufacturer of web offset presses. 
8. Promoters of Manugraph India Ltd hold 57.16% and DII hold 9.36% 
9. Discloser:- I have no any share of Manugraph India Ltd but buy 100 share if available @29 to 31 in near term.
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited @ 89.40

1.Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is one of the ten largest tea producers India. 
2.Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is a 10 rupee face value company. 
3.Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited give 4.50 rupee per share dividend from last 4 years. 
4. Promoters of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is hold 67.28% stocks and DII hold 6.25% stocks. 
5. No any bulk deal, block deal , bonus issue are recorded in last 2 years. 
6. Base price of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is 109 and stock available at 89.40, that,s great and stock is still cheap if we buy it between 89 to 95. 
7. Net selling per share per year of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is 1156.65, That's great.. ( please not to confuse with net profit per share , This is net selling per share per year which is my unique concept to prediction target price of a stock read my book for more details of this theory). 
8. Year high of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is 158.27 and Year low 78.99 stock traded @ 89.40
9. Discloser:-I have no any share of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited but as ussual my wife try to buy 32 share of this company when market is open in monday.
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Sunday, October 12, 2014


1.Vijaya bank is a public sector banking stock with 10 rupee face value. 
2. Vijaya bank gives near 2-2.5 rupee per share dividend so we enjoy dividends in our holding period. 
3. Base price of Vijaya bank is 50 so stock traded near 6.50% discount from base price and if someone buy it below 42.50 then it is exact 15% below from base price, but no problem because if we buy at CMP (near 46.45 )and hold for one year then we easily get 2-3 rupee per share dividend and target of 65+ to 125+ ( New reader please read my book for base price term) 
4. Net revenue per share of Vijaya bank is 124 so this is the reason that why I assume target 125+ 
5. Year high of vijaya bank is 58.80 and year low 33.90 so this ratio is below 2 
6. Preomoters ( Govt of India ) hold 74.06% share of Vijaya bank and they increase his holding from 59.80% so increasing promoters holding is also good. FII hold 2.78% and DII hold 6.82 % stocks of Vijya Bank.
7.No any bulk block deal and bonus issues in last 2 year. 
8. I have no any share of vijaya bank but my wife buy 62 share at 46.65

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Onmobile Global ltd @ 31

1. Respected Readers, Sorry for my long absence from my blogs because my son is suffering from viral hepatitis and I spent most of my times in various hospitals so I have no time for research and blogs.
2. Now my son is OK,  So I am again with you with my new research.
3. Onmobile Global ltd is a 10 rupee face value other telecom services company.
4. Onmobile Global ltd is currently traded at 31 and year high of Onmobile Global ltd is 39.6 Year low 23.5, So as my book this time year high/low ratio is 1.69 ( Below 2 ).
5.Onmobile Global ltd pay 15 % dividend per year.
6. Onmobile Global ltd net revenue ( net selling) per share per year is 41.43 so stock traded below net yearly selling per share at FY 13-14 selling.
7. Base price of Onmobile Global ltd is 41.20 so stock traded at 24.20% discount from base price.
8. Onmobile Global ltd promoters increase their holding from 38.27% to 48.69% this is a very good sign.
9. FII also hold 5.49% stake in Onmobile Global ltd.
10. No any bulk deal/Block Deal/ Bonus Issue/ Face value split in last 2 year.
11. So, this stock fulfill all of my stock choosing criteria s (as described in my book.)
12. Dis-closer:- I have no any share of Onmobile Global ltd but my wife recently buy 92 shares of Onmobile Global ltd.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

India Glycols Limited @ 121.50

India Glycols Limited
1.India Glycols Limited is 10 rupee face value Commodity Chemicals company. 
2.India Glycols Limited is the first and only company in the world to have commercialized the production of ethylene oxide, its derivatives and glycols from renewable agricultural resources. ( means India Glycols Limited made it from molasses or sugar cane). 
3.Year high of India Glycols Limited is 144.50 and year low 83.25 so this ratio is below 2 and we buy a stock when year high/low ratio is stable below 2 ( Read my book for details)
4. This green petrochemical company is diversified in many business visit company website for more details. 
5.Shakumbari Sugar is a subsidiary of India glycols ltd which Located in Todarpur, Uttar Pradesh and IGLChem International, Singapore is another international subsidiary of India Glycols Limited. 
6. Promoters of India Glycols Limited hold 61.07% and DII hold 1.91% stock holdings. 
7. Base price of India Glycols Limited is 129, So as my book this stock is available below base price. 
8. India Glycols Limited is a dividend paying company
9. Net revenue per share of India Glycols Limited is 931.80 in last year. 
10. As my rule no any bulk deal , no any bonus issue is happen in India Glycols Limited since last 2 years.
10. So India Glycols Limited is our next buying. 
11. Discloser:- My wife also orderd 24 shares of India Glycols Limited

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SRS Ltd @ 28.90

1.SRS Limited is a 10 rupee face value diversified Company This company have a wide business portfolio , like Gold and Jewelry (retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing), Cinema Exhibition, Retail, Hotel and Fashion & Wears. 
2. Promoters holding in SRS Ltd is 74.04% DII holding 8.26% and no any FII hold, ( I am happy to say that Some FII also follow my blog so I want to ask from my FII followers that why they not buy stake in this diversified company?) 
3.SRS Ltd is a dividend paying company this company pay 1 rupee dividend in 2012 and 2013. 
4.SRS ltd is a part of S&P BSE SMALL CAP Index. 
5.Net Revenue per share per year for this stock is 246.92, Great! ( Read my book for net revenue per share concept, Click here for more details.) 
6. Base Price of SRS Limited is 35.68 , So SRS ltd available below base price. 
7.No bulk/ block deals in last 2 years. 
8. Year high of SRS ltd is 40.55 and Year low 25.30 Stock available at 28.90, As my rule in my every fresh buying year high/low ratio must be below 2 ,SRS ltd is fulfill all of my stock chosen criteria s in this market situation so this is my next buying. 
9. Dis-closer:- Currently I have no any share of SRS Ltd but My wife plan to buy 100 Shares of SRS Ltd.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd @91.95

1. After a long research I found Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd stock for my buying.( Yes I am also buying with you, today my wife ordered 32 share of Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd ).
2.Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd is a 5 rupee face value stock. 
3. Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd Net revenue ( Selling) for 2013-14 is 698.52 cr ( INR 6985200000)and Total number of stocks is 2,88,77,488 
4. When we divide net earning with total number of share we get net revenue per share 241.89, Very attractive net revenue per share.  ( Read My book for more details of net revenue per share concept you can easily get this book here or here
5.Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd has a good dividend history.This stock given 2-4 rupee per share dividend in last some years. 
6.Now we come on base price, Base price of Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd is 97 so stock is trading below base price also. 
7. Year high of Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd is 114 and year low 74.10, This ratio is stable below 2 
8.Promoters of Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd hold 56.36% stake and they increase it from 54.41%, I like increasing promoters holdings. 
9. As my rule there are no any bulk block deals, bonus issue and stock split in Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd since last 2 years.
9. Discloser:- I have no any stocks of this company but my wife ordered 32 stocks .

Thursday, July 24, 2014

30 Companies Where I Recommended "Profit booking" And "Avoid For Fresh Buy"

1.Today i disclose list of 30 companies where I recommended profit booking to my followers and friends because these companies Promoters dilute their holdings in their companies .
2.This is a general market trend that market not like dilution in promoters holding and in more than 75% cases stock down within 1 year from date of equity dilution and in compare to march 2014 and June 2014 quarter a significant promoters stake downfall in these companies. 
2. Here are the list of these 30 stocks
CompanyJunMarDecrease %
Finaventure Cap0.3340.34-40.01
JSL Industries37.8760.87-23
Orbit Corp25.1741.44-16.27
Step Two Corp33.748.61-14.91
Anjani Cement4961.74-12.74
AXIS IT&T60.8371.12-10.29
Pioneer Agro26.1636.45-10.29
Lords Chloro64.9474.94-10
Prabhu Steels49.8759.57-9.7
Hariyana Metals53.8462.45-8.61
Venus Remedies37.5143.99-6.48
Shree Hanuman44.2750.46-6.19
Shree Global74.2380.36-6.13
United Spirits32.9638.62-5.66
Gokaldas Export62.6668.27-5.61
Diamond Power31.3836.93-5.55
Stampede Cap54.7660.22-5.46
DB Corp7074.94-4.94
Shiv Vani Oil43.648.14-4.54
Arcuttipore Tea59.9664.24-4.28
Pratibha Ind46.9551.1-4.15
KNR Construct70.1474.01-3.87
SVC Resources2.676.23-3.56
Chandrika Trade16.319.82-3.52
Ponni Sugars(E)47.0950.61-3.52
Steelco Gujarat7578.26-3.26
Kotak Mahindra40.3343.58-3.25

3. This list included some of popular stokes like orbit corp, United Spirits , Kotak Mahindra etc. So please try to understand real means of this list that I personally assume that these 30 stock may under-perform the Indian stock market in 2014 and 2015, but it does not mean that anyone try to create shorts in these stocks
4. Overall I think we may avoid these stocks for 1-2 year and book profits in any current holdings. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Transcorp International Ltd @ 32.75

1. Transcorp International Ltd is a forex service company. 
2. Face value of Transcorp International Ltd Stock is 10 and stocks traded at 32.75 
3. Year High of Transcorp International Ltd is 40.20 and Year low 27.15 so this ratio is below 2. 
4.Net Earning per year per share of Transcorp International Ltd is 1629 (Oh, That's Great!!!). 
5. This stock has paid 0.60 to 1.20 Rupee per share dividend since last 5 years. 
6. No any bulk deal since last 2 years in Transcorp International Ltd. 
7. Base price 38.64 so stock traded below the base price. 
8. The promoters hold 73.22% stake in Transcorp International Ltd, That is also good. 
9. So overall my view is positive for Transcorp International Ltd. 
10. I have no any share of Transcorp International Ltd but plan to buy in my wife d mat Ac. 
11. Important: - From today my app provides push notification if any of my blogs updated.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


1.Super Crop Safe Ltd is a 10 rupee face value agrochemical company. 
2.Year high of Super Crop Safe Ltd is 18.99 and year low 11.60 stock traded at 14.55,So year high/low ratio is below 2.
3.Promoters of Super Crop Safe Ltd hold 45.68% stake and promoters increase their holding from 43.59% ,that is good
4.No bulk deal since last 2 year, Generally we avoid a stock which have bulk/block deals in last 2 years because In my view these type of deals are sign of speculation activity. 5.Super Crop Safe Ltd Net earning per share per year is 97.033 so stock have ability to become a multibagger in coming years. 
6.Base price of Super Crop Safe Ltd is 18.26 So CMP 14.55 is 20-22% below base price ( New reader please refer my book for more details of net revenue per share and base price concept). 
7.Super Crop Safe Ltd also pay dividends,last 3 year dividend is INR 0.50 per share. 
8.I have no any share of Super Crop Safe Ltd,Stock is good and fulfill all of my buying criteria's but this is an insecticide company stock and due to my inner conscious I am not buy any stocks which have business of Alcohol,Pesticides,cigarettes,meat and poultry.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd @ 11.76

1.Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Electronic Components company. 
2.Year  high of Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd is 15.63 and 52 week low is 8.45 , this stock traded at 11.76, So as per our stock choosing guideline this ratio is below 2 . 
3.Net Earning per share per year of Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd is 43.16 rupee, So Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd may get a target of 40+ in long term. 
4.Base price of this stock is 15.56 so currant market price is below base price. 
5.No bulk deal in last 2 year. 
6.No bonus and stock split since last 2 year. 
7.Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd also give 0.75 rupee dividend per year since last 3 years. 
8.I have no any share of Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd but plan to buy some holding if circuit is remove in this stock.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


1.SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD is a 10 rupee face value Aluminium company. 
2.Year high of SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD is 17.05 and year low 10.72 so this ratio is below 2 , and stock have no any recent bulk block deal in since last 2 years.
3.Since last 5 years SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD give 1 rupee dividend per year.
4. In last financial yearSUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD Net Earning per year(per share) is 157  so we may get target of this stocks  in multiple. 
5.SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD Promoters hold 58.13% stake.
6.SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD base price (3 year Average price) is near 19 so stock traded below base price. 
7.I have no any stock of SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD but plan to buy in this month. 
8.Reders please remember if you not read 5 best buy in modi sarkar ( for long term view of 5 year) on my sharegenius blog ( Stock Q&A Tab in my sharegenius App) then please read this latest update.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


In my book I tell you that if you want to invest 50,000 in stock market then divided it in to 10 lot of 5000-5000 each. 
It means invest only 5000 in a single stock and hold stock minimum of one year period and after one year if you got profit more than 15% then sell it and book your gains. 
Ok….I thinks most of my blog readers already read this in my book. 
But today I want to tell you one of my secret formula that how I keep my mind peaceful and happy in every market condition. 
In 2005 I start investing in stock market with basic money of INR 1,05,000 and make 30 lot of 3500-3500 each. Suppose I sell one of this lot in 2006 and get 15%+ profit means my initial investment 3500 and I got 525 profit (after reduce brokerage).
It meant after one year my 3500 is become to 4025 and now I want to invest my money in a fresh stock so what is right strategy for me 
1. Invest whole 4025 in a new stock. 
2. Enjoy my profit of 525 and invest basic amount 3500 again. 
I knew most of reader choose option 2 for me but both option are wrong if you want to make money in stock market. 
Now I tell you my secret formula of re –investing. 
1. If I go with option 1 then I never earn with market, this option is like a gambling where gambler re invest his entire winning amount and one day he lost all of his money. 
2. In second option my earning and profits always limited every one want to increase his investments, every one want to increments in his earnings. 
3. So what is right choice? The right theory (or my theory) is that I always increase 7.5% of my basic amount when reinvest money in after profit booking. So 7.5% of 3500 is 262.50 I rounded of it in nearest 100 , After rounding of it is 300 . So my re-investment amount is 3500+300=3800 and remains 4025-3800=225 is my earning which I use in my lives. 
4. I rotate this formula every time means when I sell this lot of INR 3800 then I again increase my reinvestment amount with 7.5% ( 7.5% of 3800 is 285 and I rounded off in nearest 100 so it is 300) total reinvestment this time is 3800+300=4100 
5. In this example 15% profit is minimum sometime I get more then 15% like 40-125% profit in my trade in this case I increase only 7.5% and get 7.5% in my pocket. I use remain profit to increase number of lots. For example In 2008 when market is beaten down and most of stocks traded at very discounted price I invest INR 4400 in stock A and get 125% profit (INR 5500) in this trade then I make a new lot of 4400 with my profit .

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Respected readers, 

In a financial year every country stock market down thrice, recently I scan many stocks for my recommendations on this blog and I choose some of good stocks like KCP Sugar ltd, Mukund engineers ltd, Oil country tubular ltd but all of these stocks are traded near 15-20% above on his fair prices for buying 
I think we may wait sometime for any downside for our fresh buying 
So hold your current holdings and wait sometime for fresh buying. 
Mahesh Kaushik

Saturday, April 26, 2014


1. Many of my blog reader and my free stock market android app user complain about late updating and ask that "why my blogs update once in a week" ? 
So I want to tell you that market is going to his all time high and it is very hard task to scan a value stock which still available at fair value and still fulfill all of my stock chosen criteria.
2. I am work hard and per day scan many stocks for choosing a best stock which are
# Dividend paying
# Which year high/low below 2
# Traded below his base price ( Read my book for base price concept)
# Yearly Net Revenue /Total number of share means Net revenue per share per year not higher then current market price.
# No bulk deal bonus split since last 2 years.
So this is the reason that why i able to update this blog once a year only but i am happy to say that all of my former recommendations which based on my book concepts perform well and makes new year highs every days.
3. Today we choose PRIMA PLASTICS LTD.

4.PRIMA PLASTICS LTD is a 10 rupee face value plastic products company.
5. Year high/ year low of PRIMA PLASTICS LTD is 15.00/10.80 and stock traded at 13 only.
6. PRIMA PLASTICS LTD pay 1 rupee per year divided since last 4 years.
7. PRIMA PLASTICS LTD promoters hold 58.85 % stocks and no any share is pledged.
8. No any bulk deal in last 2 years.
9. Base price of PRIMA PLASTICS LTD is 13.31 so stock traded below base price.
10. Net revenue per share per year is 64.61 in last year so I think this stock has steam to become multibagger stock in coming years.
11. I have no any stock of Prima plastic but plan to buy in my wife d mat ac in coming days.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bhagyanagar India Ltd @14.70

1.Bhagyanagar India Ltd is a 2 rupee face value diversified company which have telecom cables, solar power and wind power business. 
2.Bhagyanagar India Ltd hold stocks of Surana Telecom & Power Ltd manufactures Jelly Filled Cables at its manufacturing facility situated in Hyderabad & Goa and produces cables from the range of 5 pairs to 800 pairs with a total production capacity of 2.9 millions CKM. This unit is approved and recognized by BSNL, MTNL, Indian Railways & Private Telecom Operators. 
3.Surana Telecom & Power Ltd has already started manufacturing of SPV Modules with production capacity of 12MW per year. The Module ranges from 5W to 220W. It has set up a joint venture with Bhagyanagar India Limited. The joint venture company is Surana Ventures Limited. 
4.Surana Telecom & Power Ltd is in collaboration with Suzlon has setup wind power generation to produce 1.25MW of wind power and is in the process to expand to 5MW. 
5. Year high of Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 15.15 Year low 8.65 so year high/low ratio is below 2. 
6.Net revenue per share per year of Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 32.31 So we easily get a target over 20. 
7.Bhagyanagar India Ltd pay INR 0.40 per share dividend since last 5 years. 
8. Promoters holding in Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 72.84 % which increase from 71.25% so increasing in promoters holding is very good point. 
9. Base price ( as my book 3 year average price of Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 14.65 so we are not so late to buy this stock. 
10.I have no any share of Bhagyanagar India Ltd but plan to buy 300 in my wife trading account.

Monday, March 24, 2014


1.JAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD is a 5 rupee face value pharmaceuticals stock which traded at 9.95 only. 
2. Year high/ year low for jagsonpal pharma is 12.70 and 7.00 so when year high and year low ratio is below 2 then we think stock is stable. 
3.Promoters of JAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD hold 65.79% with no any pledged share. 
4. As my rule JAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD is a dividend paying stock which pay 0.25 paisa per share dividend in 2009 and in 2010 to 2013 continue pay 0.50 paisa per share dividend. 
5.When we divide net revenue ( net income not confuse with net profit ) per year with total number of shares we get net revenue per share per year which is 63 in case of JAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD read my book for more detail of this concept. 
6.JAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD have no any bulk or block deal in last 2 year which is another sign of stability.
7. Base price ( last three year avarage price ) for JAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD is 12.16 so if we buy @9.95 then it is 20 % below base price. 
8. I have no any share of JAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD ( but plan to buy in my wife ac)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reliance Infrastructure Ltd @ 362

1.Reliance Infrastructure Ltd( formally known as reliance energy ltd ) is a 10 rupee face value electric utility company.
2. Promoters holding in Reliance Infrastructure Ltd is 48.53 % FII holding 17.22 & DII holding 19.82 % so this is a great blue chip stock which available at attractive buying price. 
3.Reliance Infrastructure Ltd hold 36.50 % stake in Reliance power ltd so if we buy Reliance Infrastructure Ltd we also have an indirect holding in Reliance power ltd. 
4. Year high and year low of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd is 469.75 and 308 stock traded at 362 so year high/low is below 2 which show price stability.
5. If we calculate Base price of this stock then this is 473.88 and stock traded 15%+ below from base price. 
6. Net revenue per share per year of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd is 544, so as per my calculation we hold it for a target of INR 500+ 
7. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd also pay dividends from last few years which is INR 7.00 to 7.40 Per year. 
8. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd have no any bulk or block deal since last 2 years so i think stock price is stable now. 
9. I have no any stock of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.
key words:-target of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd , buy Reliance Infrastructure Ltd, mahesh kaushik stock recommendations latest.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Some of my blog readers ask that why i update this blog once in a month only ? 
Dear followers and readers it is very hard task to find a good stock in crowd of various speculative stocks. Before publishing a stock in this blog i scan 20-50 stock which fulfill all of my stock choosing criteria which i tell you earlier. 
Some time i scan stocks 2-3 hours but not find any stock which full fill all of criterias so this is the main reason that why my blog updated so late. 
Ok after a hard work of 10 days i find a best dividend paying fundamental stock "INDRAPRASTHA MEDICAL CORP.LTD" You will be happy to knew that when i publish a recommendation me or my wife also make a investment near INR 3500 in recommended stock and forget it for one year because i never book profit before one year ( i like income tax free profit so i hold a stock for one year or more).
 So now we choose INDRAPRASTHA MEDICAL CORP.LTD for our next INR 3500 investment ( read my book for more information about my investment style)
1.INDRAPRASTHA MEDICAL CORP.LTD is a 10 rupee face value stock. 
2.INDRAPRASTHA MEDICAL CORP.LTD traded at 34.80 and year high / year low is 41.10/29.15 and this ratio is below 2 
3. INDRAPRASTHA MEDICAL CORP.LTD is a dividend paying stock which pay dividend every year since 2002 see this chart 
Date            Amount of dividend 
19 Sep 2013      1.60
06 Sep 2012      1.60
05 Sep 2011      1.60
30 Aug 2010      1.60
27 Aug 2009      1.50
28 Aug 2008      1.40
07 Sep 2007      1.25
28 Jul 2006        1.25
18 Aug 2005       1.00 
18 Aug 2004       1.00 
13 Aug 2003       0.85
06 Sep 2002       0.75 
4. Promoters of indraprastha hospital hold 51 % stocks 
5. Stock have no bulk/block deal since last 4 years. 
6. Net revenue per share per year is 66.18 so we can easily get a target above 60 if we hold it one year or more. 
7. Base price of indraprastha hospital is 35.35 so as my rule if this stock available 15 % below of base price mean near 30 or below 30 then it is a best buy but CMP 34 is also not bad for a long term buy. 
8. Currently i have no any share of Indraprastha medical but as usual my plan to catch this share near 30.

Friday, January 17, 2014


1. This time I choose Rolta india ltd as a new best fundamental stock because Rolta india ltd also full fill all of my stock choosing criteria s which i discuss with you in my book. 
2. Rolta india ltd is a 10 rupee face value IT company. 
3. Year high/ year low of ROLTA INDIA LTD is 78.65/50.00 which is below 2 so this is right time to buy this stock. 
4. Net Revenue per year per share of ROLTA INDIA LTD is near 81 rupee per share per year so 70-80 ( below 80 ) is a good buying price range for Rolta india ltd. 
5. Rolta india ltd pay 3 rupee per share dividend from last some years. 
6. Rolta india ltd has no bulk / block deals since last 2 years.
 7. Base price ( 3 Year average price of Rolta india ltd is 81) so CMP 70-72 is 15 % below from base price. 
8. Promoters continue increase their holding in Rolta india ltd from 44.22 % to 46.25 % then 47.71% then 49.08% then 50.32 % means promoter increase their holding at every price fall .
8. I have no any share of Rolta india ltd.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fundamentally Strong Multibagger Indian Stocks for 2015

Last Year I publish a list of Indian multtibagger stocks for 2014 based on my fundamental analysis
If you are a new visitor of my website then you may read this list at this link.

Fundamentally Strong Multibagger Indian Stocks for 2014

Now I publish list of multibagger stocks for 2015.This list is updated once a month and based on my fundamental analysis which publish on this blog once a month.
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Country Club (india) Ltd

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Fundamentally strong multibagger Indian stocks for 2016

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