Sunday, October 12, 2014


1.Vijaya bank is a public sector banking stock with 10 rupee face value. 
2. Vijaya bank gives near 2-2.5 rupee per share dividend so we enjoy dividends in our holding period. 
3. Base price of Vijaya bank is 50 so stock traded near 6.50% discount from base price and if someone buy it below 42.50 then it is exact 15% below from base price, but no problem because if we buy at CMP (near 46.45 )and hold for one year then we easily get 2-3 rupee per share dividend and target of 65+ to 125+ ( New reader please read my book for base price term) 
4. Net revenue per share of Vijaya bank is 124 so this is the reason that why I assume target 125+ 
5. Year high of vijaya bank is 58.80 and year low 33.90 so this ratio is below 2 
6. Preomoters ( Govt of India ) hold 74.06% share of Vijaya bank and they increase his holding from 59.80% so increasing promoters holding is also good. FII hold 2.78% and DII hold 6.82 % stocks of Vijya Bank.
7.No any bulk block deal and bonus issues in last 2 year. 
8. I have no any share of vijaya bank but my wife buy 62 share at 46.65


  1. When i browsing through net saw ur site with stock was too good.Plz sggest some stocks to buy.i am also interested in trading. Can we MSPL stock

    1. please quote your registration Id because this site is only for registered user


    what do you suggest this Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund - CPSE ETF . can i buy for long term, for 3-5 year... ?

  3. Hi mahes, please advise can we buy MSPL

  4. Dear Mahesh,
    Your advices are not working and all your suggestions are down from their peaks after your suggestions. Was it a fix with companies. I have lost lots of money.
    I know nobody does charity in stock.
    Please do not foolpeople as they invest their hard earned money.


    1. Respected Rita Ray
      I think you are a new market investor because I already tell that all of my advices are only for long term investor's which invest for 1-3 year view and vijya bank a govt of india public sector bank so how I fix with govt of india?
      Please read my book before investing and learn basics of stock market.
      You quote you lost your money? what it mean I think you use my research reports for F&O and intra-day trading if so then this site is not for traders. and no any research analyst give a guarantee that after their recommendation stock price must be up in a certain period of time.
      I am also a small investor like you and me and my wife both hold stocks of Vijya Bank without any worry because Vijya bank not close his business and one day we easily book our profits above 60+ in this bank.
      Until this price come we enjoy dividends

  5. mahesh ji after more than year cmp is 31 after your recommend price of 46...any views?

  6. Hi Maheshji,

    Can we by Vijaya bank stock at current market price of 32.

    1. yes, net sale is still sound and stock is good PSU sector dividend paying bank stock.


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