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Respected readers, If you read my book then you knew that i always avoid stocks where promoters decrease their stake in company. 
Today i give a list of some stocks where promoters decrease his holding in Sept 2013. 
So i warn my readers that they carefull about these type of stocks and avoid them even if your favorivte analyst on TV recommended these stocks and your broker recommended these stocks.
It is a general trend that when promoters exit from his holding then speculators make a rumor in market and distribute these stocks to general public like you and me. Please remember i not say that these companies are froud, all of these are reputed companies and may be perform even promoter decrease their holdings but in my theory of investing i avoid stocks where promoters decrease shareholding so purpose of this list is not insulting the companies. I give this list for my followers that if they buy any stock in this list then they strictly check other fundamentals before insert their hard earn money in stock market.
CompanyPromoter holding inSepPromoter holding in JunDecrease %Value of Decreased stocks in Cr
Hero Motocorp39.9252.21-12.2916346
Neyveli Lignite9093.56-3.569029
Hind Copper9094.01-4.015725
Westlife Dev62.1966.37-4.183780
Religare Enterp60.971.75-10.852988
Bajaj Corp7584.75-9.752558
Shriram City37.5757.31-19.742388
India Tourism D87.1192.11-51152
Gitanjali Gems39.2855.02-15.74193
Marathon Realty7589.14-14.14179
TGB Banquets38.1745.97-7.875
Orient Press7590.08-15.0840
Lok Housing42.9647.27-4.3130
Hanung Toys54.9370.38-15.4529
Aptus Ind37.7551.62-13.8725
Guj Auto Gears63.3470.62-7.2821
JMT Auto9.1926.61-17.4219
Bafna Pharma30.8735.05-4.1815
Best Eastern7589.6-14.613
Fortune Fin Ser13.1128.72-15.6112
Omnitech Infoso41.0850.98-9.99
Karuturi Global8.0415.52-7.489
Rich Universe14.8120.71-5.98
JRG Securities45.5949.38-3.798
Zylog Systems6.8511.43-4.586
Pranavadity Spg74.5393.76-19.235
Kartik Invest79.989.98-10.085
Swarnajyot Agro59.968.65-8.755
Swiss Glascoat35.7843.52-7.745
Shri Karthik74.5280.28-5.765
Blue Blends Fin70.1789.62-19.454
Kuwer Ind48.3354.11-5.784
Ocean Agro81.2786.39-5.123
Gulshan Chem67.1372.02-4.893
D & H India47.1850.94-3.763
Lords Chemicals34.8739.66-4.792
Arvind Intl20.6425.1-4.462
Divya Jyoti Ind14.7524.23-9.481
Zyden Gentec6.6215.93-9.311
Mahavir Advance0.977.31-6.341
Global Land30.3134.37-4.061
Surya Industria9.2934.32-25.030
Koa Tools1.2524.82-23.570
Saboo Brothers0.7723.73-22.960
Pretto Leather26.7949.25-22.460
Venus Power Ven0.144.75-4.610

29 Companies their promoters increase his holdings in Sept 2013

Respected readers 
Today i provide you list of 29 companies where promoters increase their holdings. I also give the value of increased shares in Cr. So promoters of companies are not foolish if they insert their money in his own companies then they expect a bright future of his companies. In my next article i give you list of companies where promoters decrease their holding.
CompanyShareholding % in SepShareholding % in JunIncrease %Value of increased stocks in Cr
United Spirits36.1521.115.0513742
Hexaware Tech43.4727.9215.551593
Reliance Media73.363.1510.15657
JBF Industries55.9148.67.31308
Globus Constr74.9214.0860.84265
Rhodia Speicial91.3373.8717.46213
Empire Ind69.2557.4611.79202
Parag Shilpa19.770.0219.75193
Country Club73.852.1321.6781
Uniphos Ent66.7855.311.4877
Pressman Advt74.9455.1719.7749
Virtual Global23.1313.89.3335
Rajoo Engineers63.8851.9911.8922
Zodiac Ventures64.3355.958.3820
Pacheli Enter13.40.4812.9217
Dhanlaxmi Fabri69.6749.220.479
Peacock Ind63.218.0255.199
Mayur Leather74.7949.8824.917
Birla Precision49.0326.822.236
SKS Logistics71.9960.8211.175
SVC Resources40.9318.8622.075
Seasons Furnish65.8524.3341.522
Seasons Textile61.1324.4836.652
Shreyas Interme61.0347.7613.272
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