Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hindalco Industries Ltd @91. 35

Today I am telling you a valuable stock from BSE group A, because one of my honorable blog reader Shri Avatar Sing ji IRA Complain me that I am recommended only penny stocks. Some other readers ask that why I not suggest fundamentally strong stock like earlier. 
Some of my readers also sent a thank you for my earlier Reliance communication SIP recommendation they overall get a decent profit from it. Ok, Today we discuss about Hindalco industries Ltd.
 1. Hindalco industries Ltd is a 1 rupee face value Group A stock which is traded at 91.35. 
2. Promoters holding is 32.06 % FII holding 26.53% DII holding 15.59% this is a very strong holding pattern. 
3. Hindalco Industries Ltd Recommended 1.40 Rupee per share dividend and ex dividend date 03.09.2013 is still due so our readers avail a dividend in their holding periods. 
4. Hindalco Industries Ltd has no any recent bulk deals.
 5. Hindalco Industries Ltd net revenue per share is 136 so I think stock easily give us a target of 125+ 
6. Base Price for Hindalco Industries Ltd is 147 so stock reasonably below his base price.
 7. I have no any stock of Hindalco Industries Ltd.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

PRICOL LTD @ 16.35

Respected readers Sorry for so late updating of my website because it will take a long time to check fundamentals of stocks, ok now I find a another good stock which full fill all of my stock choosing criteria, today we discuss about PRICOL LTD. 
1. Pricol Ltd is a 1 rupee face value auto parts and equipment company. 
2. Pricol Ltd currently traded at 16.35 , year high and year low fro Pricol Ltd is 21.95 and 14.35 so year high/low ratio is below 2 
3. Pricol Ltd promoters hold 38.63% and they increase their holding from 35.66% which is very sound for stock. 
4. Pricol Ltd declares 0.40 per share interim dividend and record date for this dividend is 07.08.13 so you can get dividend if you buy before 07.08.13 
5. The stock has no bulk deal since last 2 years. 
6. Pricol Ltd Net revenue per share for the year 2012-13 is 92.46 ( read my book for detail about this fundamental concept). 
7. Base price of Pricol Ltd is 18.97 so this is a buy below base price for a target of 20+ 8.I have no any share of Pricol Ltd.
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