Saturday, April 26, 2014


1. Many of my blog reader and my free stock market android app user complain about late updating and ask that "why my blogs update once in a week" ? 
So I want to tell you that market is going to his all time high and it is very hard task to scan a value stock which still available at fair value and still fulfill all of my stock chosen criteria.
2. I am work hard and per day scan many stocks for choosing a best stock which are
# Dividend paying
# Which year high/low below 2
# Traded below his base price ( Read my book for base price concept)
# Yearly Net Revenue /Total number of share means Net revenue per share per year not higher then current market price.
# No bulk deal bonus split since last 2 years.
So this is the reason that why i able to update this blog once a year only but i am happy to say that all of my former recommendations which based on my book concepts perform well and makes new year highs every days.
3. Today we choose PRIMA PLASTICS LTD.

4.PRIMA PLASTICS LTD is a 10 rupee face value plastic products company.
5. Year high/ year low of PRIMA PLASTICS LTD is 15.00/10.80 and stock traded at 13 only.
6. PRIMA PLASTICS LTD pay 1 rupee per year divided since last 4 years.
7. PRIMA PLASTICS LTD promoters hold 58.85 % stocks and no any share is pledged.
8. No any bulk deal in last 2 years.
9. Base price of PRIMA PLASTICS LTD is 13.31 so stock traded below base price.
10. Net revenue per share per year is 64.61 in last year so I think this stock has steam to become multibagger stock in coming years.
11. I have no any stock of Prima plastic but plan to buy in my wife d mat ac in coming days.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bhagyanagar India Ltd @14.70

1.Bhagyanagar India Ltd is a 2 rupee face value diversified company which have telecom cables, solar power and wind power business. 
2.Bhagyanagar India Ltd hold stocks of Surana Telecom & Power Ltd manufactures Jelly Filled Cables at its manufacturing facility situated in Hyderabad & Goa and produces cables from the range of 5 pairs to 800 pairs with a total production capacity of 2.9 millions CKM. This unit is approved and recognized by BSNL, MTNL, Indian Railways & Private Telecom Operators. 
3.Surana Telecom & Power Ltd has already started manufacturing of SPV Modules with production capacity of 12MW per year. The Module ranges from 5W to 220W. It has set up a joint venture with Bhagyanagar India Limited. The joint venture company is Surana Ventures Limited. 
4.Surana Telecom & Power Ltd is in collaboration with Suzlon has setup wind power generation to produce 1.25MW of wind power and is in the process to expand to 5MW. 
5. Year high of Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 15.15 Year low 8.65 so year high/low ratio is below 2. 
6.Net revenue per share per year of Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 32.31 So we easily get a target over 20. 
7.Bhagyanagar India Ltd pay INR 0.40 per share dividend since last 5 years. 
8. Promoters holding in Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 72.84 % which increase from 71.25% so increasing in promoters holding is very good point. 
9. Base price ( as my book 3 year average price of Bhagyanagar India Ltd is 14.65 so we are not so late to buy this stock. 
10.I have no any share of Bhagyanagar India Ltd but plan to buy 300 in my wife trading account.
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