Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fundamentally Strong Multibagger Indian Stocks for 2015

Last Year I publish a list of Indian multtibagger stocks for 2014 based on my fundamental analysis
If you are a new visitor of my website then you may read this list at this link.

Fundamentally Strong Multibagger Indian Stocks for 2014

Now I publish list of multibagger stocks for 2015.This list is updated once a month and based on my fundamental analysis which publish on this blog once a month.
Two stock of past year list are still in buying range and advisable for 2015 also so visit these stocks at this link


Country Club (india) Ltd

Here are the other fundamental recommendations for 2015 ( click on link for more detail of particular stock)

Visit this link for 2016 multi-bagger reconsiderations

Fundamentally strong multibagger Indian stocks for 2016

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  1. Hello Sir, what are your views on Cairn India? It is trading below its book value of 300 and is debt free also.

  2. Hi Mahesh
    I really like your strategy in share market. I have become fan of your style of investing in share market. One can never be bankrupt in this style.

    Good; Keep it up..

  3. Not able to see latest recomendation. Pls help.

  4. Sir how can i se latest recommendation

    1. Visit multibagger stocks 2016 tab or home page tabe of my website in every 10-15 days for latest recommendation.

  5. Sir suggest 5-10 fundamenal strong stocks for 5-10 years holding return 30% yearly.

  6. Replies
    1. sanjay sir namaskar please give detail where you not agree with me regards

  7. Hi Mahesh- You recommended Vijaya Bank @46 for 2015 but its CMP is 35 as of Nov 2. Based on what one should pick one or more shares from the list provided by you for 2016 if only a few are going to give the 50-60% returns if not the multibaggers?

    1. Respected Tango charlie
      I start to write a details reports of my recommendation performance on this blog
      However you read my penny share performance here
      My Penny Share

  8. Hi sir, I have started new in stocks. Your blog is great for people like me small investors, pls advise on kitex garmenta, as it is falling

    1. Net sale per share is 107.60 and year high/low ratio of kitex garment is above 2 so in my view this is an avoid

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