Saturday, December 27, 2014


1.Some of my followers say "most of my recommendations are T group companies or small cap companies". So they ask me a good A group stock that full-fill all of my fundamental research criteria's. 
2. Ok, Today I tell you one stock that belong to BSE group A and a part of S&P BSE SENSEX
3. This stock is "Tata Steel Ltd" which full-fill all of fundamental research criteria which is tell you in my book. 
4. Tata Steel Ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock. 
5.Tata Steel Ltd is an Iron and steel company. 
6. Year high of Tata Steel Ltd is 578.60 and Year low 332.20 So this ratio ( Year high/low ratio) is below 2. 
7. Net selling per share of Tata steel ltd is 429.47 So stock CMP 398.15 is below net selling per share per year and target of 430+ is easily achievable in this stock. 
8. No any bulk/block deal in last 2 year. 
9. Tata Steel Ltd pay 8 to 12 rupee dividends in last some years. 
10. Promoters of Tata Steel Ltd hold 31.35% FII hold 19.03% DII hold 24.32 % stake in Tata Steel Ltd. 
11. Base price ( 3 year average price) of Tata Steel Ltd is 398.61, So stock available below face price but if any market fall Tata steel will available below 340 ( 15 % below base price) then It is a strong Buy.
12. I have no any share of Tata Steel Ltd but as usual I am also buy stocks of my research so my wife ordered 7 stocks of Tata Steel Ltd ( This is my style of investing , I am invest only small amounts  in a stock).


  1. I had bid for COAL INDIA OFS at 375 rs per share for 25 shares.Finally at NSE, allotment has been given at 358 rs per share. As an retail investor I was entitled for 5% discount. So, I think, COAL INDIA was alloted to me at 340.10 rs per share. But It is alloted to me at 356.25 rs per share. Is it true? or I was deceived by broker? Please clarify me about OFS procedure and also on which price (my bid price or nse allotment price) 5% discount was given to retail investor.

  2. too much debt and price may flutuate with commodity price. purely a speculative stock do you agree.,but only manali petro chemicals is a good bet multibagger i agree. market is full of manupulation stocks of dabur and itc are not moving. please comment.

    1. kavya ji we recommends tata steel for more then 1 year. hope situations are change in this 1 year

  3. Tata Steel is @ 261. Do you still recommend this stock?

  4. Thank for an answer,have you studied som distillery.

  5. tata steel is now 233 what is u r recommendation

  6. Buy and forget it it will not go to 0 but it is a highly speculative stock.sell it crosses you desired limits.if you are really interested in investing 2 to 3 years bet on manali petro triveni turbine.they are much better than any thing Thanks.

    1. Thank you kavya for your comment and reply to navya teja, best regards

  7. Thanks Mahesh for starting wonderful blog.

  8. after 1 year stock trading at trigered at 289 according to reverse trading


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