Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sebi Restrictions about Stock Market Research Reports

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REGULATIONS, 2014" Which come in effect from 1 December 2014, So due to these regulation's without prior registration as a research analysts no one can post any company stock fundamentals on Internet , Print and Electronic media . 
Read these complete regulations here
So I am not a registered stock research analysts and due to compliance of "SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (RESEARCH ANALYSTS)
REGULATIONS, 2014"  from 01 December 2014 onwards all of my blogs will updated with only educational points for investor and no any company name and stock data will publish on all of my blogs (from 01 December 2014)
Mahesh Kaushik


  1. This is a bad news for all your followers.I have been following your posts and research for years.This was helping all of us for investing in stock markets. Please find a way to publish your research.

  2. I have been following you last two months. This was helping for small investors. Please find a way to publish your views.

  3. I am following your blogs for 2-3 years, but never actively invested based on your views and recommendation. I started investing based on your recommendation from this year and I can see the difference. Being a small investor with having not much skills to identify right stock, we always make a wrong decision or take help of some advisory service and end up losing money most of the time. Some will recommend to buy the stock and some will recommend to sell it, news channels, websites all are so confusing for us that we get confused. Your blog was one of the hope for me to stay invested in the stock market. I request you again to see how you can help your followers.

  4. Now you have 6 months as sebi has given relief..so please continue it.regards

  5. it seems that all existing Research Analysts have six months time to comply with the norms from December 1 , ie, upto 29th May 2015.So still we have 6 months time ...


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