Friday, December 12, 2014

My Plan to Become a Registered Research Analyst

Respected Readers, 

In my earlier post I declared that I discontinue publishing of stock research reports on this blog due to SEBI regulation on research analysts. 
I am happy to see that in reply of my post I get 100’s of emails and comments from my followers. I am really felt proud to see your love and faith on me. 
Some of my followers suggest that I make a e mail list and continue sent my research reports in my mailing list but It does not satisfy my hobby of blog publishing. 
Most of my followers ask that why I am not registered myself as a research analysts, I like this idea and in line of my followers demand , Now I will apply for NISM certification which is an essential qualification for research analyst. 
After getting this NISM certification I will apply for registration as a research analyst and hope SEBI will grant the same. Some of followers also suggest that I have time of 6 months to obtain a registration and in this period of 6 month I will continue post stock research reports on this blog, Ok, thanks for your suggestions my next article will publish soon with some great stock ideas. 
I think getting a NISM certification and other preparation for apply for registration will take 15-30 days I will update my progress on this blog. 
Once again thank you all of you for your faith and love on me Regards
 Mahesh Kaushik


  1. Good morning mahesh sir....
    Great news for your followers.. Like me...
    Thank u...
    Anand reddy

  2. Thank you sir and god bless you...

  3. Thank you sir, Very very good decision.

  4. Good News .....Thank You Sir.......

  5. You should have become a analyst in the bear it is too late according to me..race 🏁 already half way...thodi dair ho gayi hai Mahesh ji..phir bhi good luck..shubh kamna...atif

    1. Thank you sir, I am not late I am already provide fundamental analysis to my followers on my sharegenius blog since last 5 year, and I am not earn money from stock analysis all of my advices are free for my followers, regards


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