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In my book I tell you that if you want to invest 50,000 in stock market then divided it in to 10 lot of 5000-5000 each. 
It means invest only 5000 in a single stock and hold stock minimum of one year period and after one year if you got profit more than 15% then sell it and book your gains. 
Ok….I thinks most of my blog readers already read this in my book. 
But today I want to tell you one of my secret formula that how I keep my mind peaceful and happy in every market condition. 
In 2005 I start investing in stock market with basic money of INR 1,05,000 and make 30 lot of 3500-3500 each. Suppose I sell one of this lot in 2006 and get 15%+ profit means my initial investment 3500 and I got 525 profit (after reduce brokerage).
It meant after one year my 3500 is become to 4025 and now I want to invest my money in a fresh stock so what is right strategy for me 
1. Invest whole 4025 in a new stock. 
2. Enjoy my profit of 525 and invest basic amount 3500 again. 
I knew most of reader choose option 2 for me but both option are wrong if you want to make money in stock market. 
Now I tell you my secret formula of re –investing. 
1. If I go with option 1 then I never earn with market, this option is like a gambling where gambler re invest his entire winning amount and one day he lost all of his money. 
2. In second option my earning and profits always limited every one want to increase his investments, every one want to increments in his earnings. 
3. So what is right choice? The right theory (or my theory) is that I always increase 7.5% of my basic amount when reinvest money in after profit booking. So 7.5% of 3500 is 262.50 I rounded of it in nearest 100 , After rounding of it is 300 . So my re-investment amount is 3500+300=3800 and remains 4025-3800=225 is my earning which I use in my lives. 
4. I rotate this formula every time means when I sell this lot of INR 3800 then I again increase my reinvestment amount with 7.5% ( 7.5% of 3800 is 285 and I rounded off in nearest 100 so it is 300) total reinvestment this time is 3800+300=4100 
5. In this example 15% profit is minimum sometime I get more then 15% like 40-125% profit in my trade in this case I increase only 7.5% and get 7.5% in my pocket. I use remain profit to increase number of lots. For example In 2008 when market is beaten down and most of stocks traded at very discounted price I invest INR 4400 in stock A and get 125% profit (INR 5500) in this trade then I make a new lot of 4400 with my profit .

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