Sunday, August 16, 2015

25 Companies where Promoters Increase Stake

In my book " The Winning Theory in Stock Market"I tell my readers that Increasing in promoters holding are very good for any listed company.

2 year  ago in Nov 2013 I publish a list of 29 company where promoters increase their holding.see this list here and compare price appreciation in last 2 year


And in November 2014 I am also publish a list of 27 companies where promoters increase stake It is also advisable to compare price appreciation in last one year in these 27 stocks see this list here

Nov 2014 List where Promoters increase stake

Now I give you a fresh list of 25 listed company where promoters increase their holding in June 2015  and hope same price appreciation for next year
This time my list of 25 companies are only for registered user of my book
download this list from this link

New list of 25 companies where promoters increase stake


  1. How can i get the list of companies who increased the promoter stake

  2. Please wait my next video for this purpose, Regards

  3. sir,
    Please let me know How can i get the list of companies who increased the promoter stake

  4. Dear sir

    I have not able to download becasue it for your registered user. Pls advice solution

    1. Thanks sir
      I could not find link.when i go for abovemention link then message come it donot exit by blog pls advice

    2. Sorry Pawan ji
      I realize that this is an error from my-side, Now I resolve the problem and above link is working fine.

    3. Dear sir

      Thanks now i can see the entire list. Yes it has usefull beucase you told already promoter are not fool to put their money.
      As i saw your vedio you told that every quarter ending you will annouce shsreholding where promters increase their stake but after june 15 i am not able to see uptation for sep.15 or now yiu can say dec 15. If you already published then kindly provide link or not published then update for your all followers.
      Pawan gupta

  5. Dear sir
    Thanks for reply
    I am at lagos nigeria and from last few days i saw your blog it has really useful and with honesty. I am working at nigeria since last four year.
    I am invested some money in share market and if you suggest some advice i can invest more
    Your healthtip in dugdugi blog are very powerful and any body do with some little effords
    Really hat off your honest work
    My mail address is pawangupta1971@yahoo

    1. Pawan ji, Thank you for your comments,Please read my book to knew that how to increase your investment in stock market,Regards

  6. Kindly see indian acrlic where promoters has increased their stake in dec2015 and nov 2015 and advice


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