Thursday, July 24, 2014

30 Companies Where I Recommended "Profit booking" And "Avoid For Fresh Buy"

1.Today i disclose list of 30 companies where I recommended profit booking to my followers and friends because these companies Promoters dilute their holdings in their companies .
2.This is a general market trend that market not like dilution in promoters holding and in more than 75% cases stock down within 1 year from date of equity dilution and in compare to march 2014 and June 2014 quarter a significant promoters stake downfall in these companies. 
2. Here are the list of these 30 stocks
CompanyJunMarDecrease %
Finaventure Cap0.3340.34-40.01
JSL Industries37.8760.87-23
Orbit Corp25.1741.44-16.27
Step Two Corp33.748.61-14.91
Anjani Cement4961.74-12.74
AXIS IT&T60.8371.12-10.29
Pioneer Agro26.1636.45-10.29
Lords Chloro64.9474.94-10
Prabhu Steels49.8759.57-9.7
Hariyana Metals53.8462.45-8.61
Venus Remedies37.5143.99-6.48
Shree Hanuman44.2750.46-6.19
Shree Global74.2380.36-6.13
United Spirits32.9638.62-5.66
Gokaldas Export62.6668.27-5.61
Diamond Power31.3836.93-5.55
Stampede Cap54.7660.22-5.46
DB Corp7074.94-4.94
Shiv Vani Oil43.648.14-4.54
Arcuttipore Tea59.9664.24-4.28
Pratibha Ind46.9551.1-4.15
KNR Construct70.1474.01-3.87
SVC Resources2.676.23-3.56
Chandrika Trade16.319.82-3.52
Ponni Sugars(E)47.0950.61-3.52
Steelco Gujarat7578.26-3.26
Kotak Mahindra40.3343.58-3.25

3. This list included some of popular stokes like orbit corp, United Spirits , Kotak Mahindra etc. So please try to understand real means of this list that I personally assume that these 30 stock may under-perform the Indian stock market in 2014 and 2015, but it does not mean that anyone try to create shorts in these stocks
4. Overall I think we may avoid these stocks for 1-2 year and book profits in any current holdings. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Transcorp International Ltd @ 32.75

1. Transcorp International Ltd is a forex service company. 
2. Face value of Transcorp International Ltd Stock is 10 and stocks traded at 32.75 
3. Year High of Transcorp International Ltd is 40.20 and Year low 27.15 so this ratio is below 2. 
4.Net Earning per year per share of Transcorp International Ltd is 1629 (Oh, That's Great!!!). 
5. This stock has paid 0.60 to 1.20 Rupee per share dividend since last 5 years. 
6. No any bulk deal since last 2 years in Transcorp International Ltd. 
7. Base price 38.64 so stock traded below the base price. 
8. The promoters hold 73.22% stake in Transcorp International Ltd, That is also good. 
9. So overall my view is positive for Transcorp International Ltd. 
10. I have no any share of Transcorp International Ltd but plan to buy in my wife d mat Ac. 
11. Important: - From today my app provides push notification if any of my blogs updated.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


1.Super Crop Safe Ltd is a 10 rupee face value agrochemical company. 
2.Year high of Super Crop Safe Ltd is 18.99 and year low 11.60 stock traded at 14.55,So year high/low ratio is below 2.
3.Promoters of Super Crop Safe Ltd hold 45.68% stake and promoters increase their holding from 43.59% ,that is good
4.No bulk deal since last 2 year, Generally we avoid a stock which have bulk/block deals in last 2 years because In my view these type of deals are sign of speculation activity. 5.Super Crop Safe Ltd Net earning per share per year is 97.033 so stock have ability to become a multibagger in coming years. 
6.Base price of Super Crop Safe Ltd is 18.26 So CMP 14.55 is 20-22% below base price ( New reader please refer my book for more details of net revenue per share and base price concept). 
7.Super Crop Safe Ltd also pay dividends,last 3 year dividend is INR 0.50 per share. 
8.I have no any share of Super Crop Safe Ltd,Stock is good and fulfill all of my buying criteria's but this is an insecticide company stock and due to my inner conscious I am not buy any stocks which have business of Alcohol,Pesticides,cigarettes,meat and poultry.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd @ 11.76

1.Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Electronic Components company. 
2.Year  high of Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd is 15.63 and 52 week low is 8.45 , this stock traded at 11.76, So as per our stock choosing guideline this ratio is below 2 . 
3.Net Earning per share per year of Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd is 43.16 rupee, So Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd may get a target of 40+ in long term. 
4.Base price of this stock is 15.56 so currant market price is below base price. 
5.No bulk deal in last 2 year. 
6.No bonus and stock split since last 2 year. 
7.Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd also give 0.75 rupee dividend per year since last 3 years. 
8.I have no any share of Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd but plan to buy some holding if circuit is remove in this stock.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


1.SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD is a 10 rupee face value Aluminium company. 
2.Year high of SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD is 17.05 and year low 10.72 so this ratio is below 2 , and stock have no any recent bulk block deal in since last 2 years.
3.Since last 5 years SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD give 1 rupee dividend per year.
4. In last financial yearSUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD Net Earning per year(per share) is 157  so we may get target of this stocks  in multiple. 
5.SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD Promoters hold 58.13% stake.
6.SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD base price (3 year Average price) is near 19 so stock traded below base price. 
7.I have no any stock of SUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD but plan to buy in this month. 
8.Reders please remember if you not read 5 best buy in modi sarkar ( for long term view of 5 year) on my sharegenius blog ( Stock Q&A Tab in my sharegenius App) then please read this latest update.

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