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Sharegenius Dual Benefit Swing Trading System : Get Dual Benefits of Dividends and Trading Gains in One Month Holding

Today I tell you my sharegenius dual benefit swing trading system. In this advanced swing trading system, you get dual benefits means you get dividend and trading gains within one to two months of your holding.
So let's start explaining this system with the brief:-
1. We use this system only in Nifty 50 Stocks.
2. We choose Nifty 50 stocks for swing trading because all of the Nifty stocks also traded in future and option segment, So If stock down in whole month then near the expiry we get short covering gain. and due to large-cap plus huge trades from FII and DII, we easily get a 4.5% swing gain in these Nifty Stocks.
3. First of all, you need to identify the upcoming dividend dates of these nifty stocks. Type "economic times upcoming dividend" on google and you get a page where you see all upcoming dividends of nifty stocks.
4. Before we continue, I recommended watching this video on this system:-
English Video Link:-

Hindi Video Link:-

5. We start our buying 4 weeks before the ex-dividend date for example if ex-dividend date on 28 May then we buy on 30 April, 7 May, 14 May, and 21 May.
6. You need to decide how many amounts you want to invest suppose you want to invest 20,000 in any nifty 50 upcoming divided stock then divide this amount into 4 parts of 5000-5000 rupees each and buy once a week, start your buying 4 weeks ago of the ex-dividend date.
7. In which price you buy? use last day VWAP as your limit price for buying see this picture to see where you find VWAP on NSE site:-
8. If you still fill any difficulty to find last trading day VWAP then please watch this video where I teach everything in practical:-
9. Hold your stocks till ex-dividend date so you are eligible to get dividends.
10. Next day of ex-dividend if your stock in 4.5% or more profit books your profit as trading gain.
11. If unfortunately, your stock is down then you need to average out more, continue your buying of 5000 rupees for one more week this time your target will reduce to 4% only.
12. So after every average out reduce your target by 0.5% until you get a profitable exit. Watch above video ( of point 4) for detail understanding of this method.
13. Do not worry in 90% cases you got 4.5% return and in other cases, 2% to 3% return is normal because after a long downfall nifty stocks must show a bounce back due to short covering in F&O section.
14. Do not forget to share your comments, Regards
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  1. Sir, आपकी रणनीति मुझे बहुत पसंद आती है। मैं आपका बहुत बड़ा फैन हूँ। लेकिन अभी भी मैं कोई ट्रेडिंग नही करता हूँ।
    सर, क्या मैं इससे अपनी आजीविका चला सकता हूँ ।गाइड प्लीज

  2. Superb analysis. Thank you ji for your swing trading strategy in english. i m not follow ur fast hindi speaking. thank u

  3. Sir, why do you change your strategies so frequently?

  4. Very interesting research. I will have to try it out. Kindly support me as I am new to this.

  5. Mahesh Ji kuchh Tantia Construction ke vishay me rai de.... It should be still hold or sell?

  6. i checked IOC xls sheet provided by you.
    Thank you for above.
    I want to correct to you. There was a bonus in IOC in last year (Ex date 15-03-2018)
    So there is no -64% in above stock.
    Pls correct in your system.
    Your Trading idea is very good.
    Thank you for such lovely strategy


  7. Hi Maheshji,

    Nice explanation on swing trading. Thank you so much.

    I have a question other than this, it is regarding Redington India share. Promoter holding showing 0% and 100% public holding. there is also buy back of shares on 27/09/2018. This is only buying by promoters na, why it does not show under promoter holding which is showing 0%.

  8. Your blog always having very useful post. Thanks for sharing Forex trading tips

  9. Sir ETF ke vishay me kuchh bataye. Kya ETF me investment Karana sahi hoga?

  10. Please provide excel for ex dividend strategy?

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  12. sir mai aap ki dual benefits vidhise bajaj auto mai swing treding kar raha hu mai har guruwar ko bajaj autoke 2 stock le ra hu magar muze 10% ka loss dikha ra he aur sir dividend bhi nahi mila wo kha dekhana padega sir please guide mi


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